Touch-n-Tan streamlines the tanning process for your members. With user-friendly interface and technology, it frees up your staff from tanning members saving you time and money.

Increase Revenue with 24/7 Tanning Services

Fitness centers leave thousands of dollars of revenue on the table by not offering their tanning services like this. Even if your gym offers tanning services as a perk, Touch-n-Tan will legitimize your tanning services and your members will enjoy its user friendly operation giving them another good reason to stay with your gym or pay an extra fee to tan.

Touch-n-Tan can protect your right to provide tanning services 24 hours a day. Some states have passed tanning regulations to restrict or completely ban unsupervised tanning. States like Arizona and Iowa have recently been made aware of the Touch-n-Tan software system, and its safety features which make tanning safer than staffed facilities. For example in Iowa Touch-n-Tan is the only standalone 24 hour software that meets the state of Iowa's tanning regulations for 24 hour operations.

Touch-n-Tan allows you to provide high quality tanning services without the fear of liability issues. Keeping your tanning members happy will build trust and increase tanning product sales.

Don't believe you can increase your tanning revenue? Touch-n-Tan has clients that generate hundreds of monthly EFT's and are charging more than the standard 10-20 dollars extra to their gym members for tanning services and 247 access. Don't believe it? Touch-n-Tan will gladly refer you to our fitness center clients that are generating over $20,000 a month in tanning revenue year round. Why provide tanning services that your gym members can't take seriously and end up tanning at one of your competitors. Touch-n-Tan will legitimize your tanning and your customers will enjoy the user friendly touch screen system.


Members just scan their finger or enter their club PIN number to access convenient, safe, 24-hour unsupervised tanning.

Your gym members can see the availability of your tanning beds from their cell phone or TV in the exercise area of your fitness center while they workout!  Also, with our queuing feature, you can advertise specials or events on the TV as often as you want. For gyms that offer more than 1 level of tanning, you can sell upgrades from the touch screen and earn money while you sleep. You can also sell tanning or gym products in “real-time” so their credit card will be charged or purchase declined.

Touch-n-Tan offers special pricing for gyms with less than 4 tanning beds. Call us now and give your gym members another reason to stay at your fitness center. Call 800-436-9713 for questions or for 24/7 support 365 days a year.

Some more great features Touch-n-Tan offers your business:

  • Messaging to the Touchscreen - Touch-n-Tan has added a new feature that allows you to send messages through the Touchscreen to your customers. Promoting your business or sales. More new and exclusive features comming from Touch-n-Tan soon.
  • Bulk Emailing and Texting - Touch-n-Tan has added a special filtering system that allows you to bulk email/text your customers effectivly targeting what promotions or specials would be most effective for your demographics.
  • Touch screen application you can use for 24/7 access or a second means for your clients to access their tanning besides on your point of sale software
  • Web queuing where your customers can see the availability of their favorite tanning bed-a unbelievable effective marketing tool to promote your business without cost-your customers become your walking advertisement
  • Queuing/Reservations: shows a live status in your business-you can have more than one location in your business with this feature-it will also manage reservations for you. For Fitness Centers you could put this feature in your elliptical or tanning area or other services you may offer like aqua message and red light therapy.
  • Your customers can purchase upgrades or product without you being interrupted or while you are sleeping
  • Touch N Tan Touch Screen Software can reduce your labor and manage your salon during the slow time therefore staffing for only the peak times of your tanning.
  • Touch N Tan Software will also manage your aqua message and red light therapy beds 24/7 365 days a year.
  • Reciprocity-for those of you with one or more locations allows your clients to tan at any location without having to be enrolled at all locations or your staff having to call another site.
  • Branding your business is paramount in getting people to remember you and promote your business with features never seen before-your brand is all over your business to be seen and used every day unlike all the other tanning software that is only behind the seen.
  • Digital wavier consent that your customers have to agree to each time they use the touch screen
  • Multi-package access-your customers access any package they have purchased from the touch screen-spray tan red light or tanning they can access them and the TNT system knows the difference between a UV tan and a Non-UV service-another words it knows when to engage the 24 hour lock out or not

Discounted pricing available for businesses with less than 4 tanning beds!

Watch the TNT Features Video and then ask yourself, "Why would I have the SAME software that my competitor has when it doesn’t have any of these features?"

While all the other tanning software companies put their time and resources in making it harder and harder for you to change your software, Touch-n-Tan has always been and always will be the only tanning software company dedicated to giving you all the new tools and new technology to succeed!
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