Touch-n-Tan has been the number one 24-hour tanning software system in the industry for over 10 years. Whether you offer tanning services 24/7 or not, Touch-n-Tan is the most interactive and advanced tanning software for tanning salons, tanning software for fitness centers, tanning software for hair salons, or any business that offers tanning services as a part of their business. Touch-n-Tan will give you a distinct advantage over your competitors, especially if you are competing against the larger chains.

Touch-n-Tan’s point of sale system will manage ALL your business needs from accounting and inventory to marketing and customer service. The Touch-n-Tan Software System is like having an employee that never calls in sick and doesn't bring drama to work. It's reliable, dependable and will pay for itself over and over again!

Take the time to watch our videos and look over all the features. You will see the future of tanning and a software company far ahead of the competition, dedicated to give you all the new tools and technology to succeed now and for years to come!

NEW Integrated Door Access System

Customers can now access your business using their cell phone or key fobs! Contact your Touch-N-Tan Rep TJ at 915-274-8893 for details.

Touch-n-Tan is far more than a point of sale tanning software.

In fact, there are so many ways it can grow your business that you are only limited by your imagination.  Touch-n-Tan is the only tanning software on the market today that can say, "It will pay for itself over and over again," and actually deliver.

Not confusing but rather you’ll be amazed by how easy it is to navigate through your point of sale.

Clear and defined graphics means far less clicking to get where you need to go fast!

MOST IMPORTANTLY 24/7 support – We don’t keep regular business hours so help is available anytime of day!

No worries about ever-changing Windows Operating Systems.  Our POS is reliable and trustworthy with a BBB rating of A+.

Other tanning software companies may claim to be the best, but once you compare them to Touch-n-Tan software systems you will see many new opportunities to provide tanning services in ways you have never seen before.  Using these features will keep you far ahead of your competitors.  Check out the TNT POS Instructional Video and the TNT Features video and see how your salon can offer new and exciting features today.



There are several types of businesses that could successfully generate income using the Touch-n-Tan software system. Offering services such as Red Light Therapy and Spray tanning can bring in extra revenue, requiring little space and no additional labor costs.

You an now offer tanning services at your hair salon without taking you away from the customer in your chair.  Touch-n-Tan software systems allows your customer to check-in and pick their tanning time without staff intervention.

Massage therapy clinics are wisely starting to provide tanning services to their clients.  Once the customer's data is store, the client can activate the tanning services with the touch of a finger using our touch screen application.  The client can then enjoy their tanning without any assistance from a receptionist or therapist.  These services can all be provided in a small space with attractive temporary walls that compliment you ambiance.

Some apartment complexes that have recreational or exercise facilities are currently providing tanning services for their residents.  Our research shows that their bed usage is minimal because tanning services are not available after office hours making it difficult for residents who work during the day to access the tanning beds.  With the Touch-n-Tan system, your residents can safely access your tanning services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Just imagine your residents paying an extra ten or more dollars a month or even having tanning services available for marketing purposes in your apartment complex.

Touch-n-Tan systems allow you to expand your imagination when it comes to offering these services to your business.  Create extra revenue from these services as well as supplies by either selling them over the counter or through vending machines.


Touch-n-Tan Software and Hardware Systems was started in 2007 with the purpose of providing innovative tanning products that create new possibilities within the tanning industry, while helping businesses increase revenue and reduce costs.

Composed of dedicated employees, engineers, software technical support members and a marketing group, the Touch-n-Tan team carefully researches the technological needs of the the tanning industry as they continue to develop state-of-the-art products. Their commitment to providing quality products and services for customers has helped Touch-n-Tan open new markets for the tanning industry that was never before envisioned.

Touch-n-Tan has opened a new tanning salon and home office in Omaha NE. Touch-n-Tan is now in 42 states across the U.S. and Canada. We are excited and looking forward to reaching our goal of all 50 states across our country. At our new location in Omaha, we will continue to develop our software, making it user-friendly and keeping our customers ahead of their competitors.

The ability to test all of our software development before its release, is why Touch-n-Tan has the best reputation of dependability and durability than any stand-alone or 24-hour operations on the planet today. Just ask the many, many salon owners that use our software, how dependable, well supported, and easy to use it is. Touch-n-Tan will always continue to evolve and provide software that truly expands your market base, saves you money in costs, and makes your business a "category of one".


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